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2021 Annual Report

Our Stories

Danielle’s New Lease on Life
Danielle suddenly became ill in 2007 with a rare, life-threatening blood disorder called severe aplastic anemia. She found hope through a clinical research study at the NIH.
Finding Hope 3,000 Miles Away from Home
In 2019, Luciano and his mother Martha traveled from Peru to the NIH to treat a rare primary immune disease.
Tamitha’s Resilience
Diagnosed with a type of medullary thyroid cancer, Tamitha and her mother found hope in a promising clinical research study conducted by the National Cancer Institute (NCI).
A Family’s Battle Against CTLA-4 Deficiency
Vivianne has found a "place like home" at The Children's Inn while undergoing treatment forwas diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

Difference Makers

For the past two decades, Deloitte has shown unwavering commitment to evolving family support needs provided by The Children's Inn.
Holly and Dave Parker
Holly & Dave Parker have been helping to make a difference at The Children's Inn since its inception over 30 years ago..
Derya Van Bavel
Derya is passionate about making a difference in the lives of brave individuals who participate in clinical research studies at the NIH.
Mary Clute
When Mary Clute found out there was “a place like home” for children suffering from serious and rare diseases right here in the DC area, she knew she wanted to be a part of it.
Women for the INN (WINN)
WINN brings together women who embrace The Inn’s mission and want to provide meaningful support to Inn families.

Impact & Financials


There are many ways to support The Children’s Inn, such as food drives and the Thoughtful Treasures mailbox program. Visit childrensinn.org/get-involved to learn more about how you can help the many children and families who call The Inn home. Thank you.

Board & Trustees