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Family Dinner Program

Volunteer-hosted Dinners

The Family Dinner Program is one of our families’ favorite services. Volunteer-hosted family dinners take place Sunday through Thursday. With the option to cater Sunday through Thursday and the option to cook at the Inn Monday through Thursday. A shared meal builds camaraderie by giving children and families a chance to get to know one another, gives caregivers a break from shopping and cooking, and alleviates financial stress. We invite individual volunteers as well as community and corporate groups to participate in supporting this program.

Serving family dinner at the Children’s Inn was one of the most rewarding volunteer events that I have participated in. I look forward to volunteering at The Inn again!

How to Host a Family Dinner

Updated January 2024

1. Each group can bring up to twelve (12) people (16+ years old*) to serve dinner at The Inn.

2. All meals must be prepared at The Inn (using food supplied by your group) or catered.

3. Contact us to schedule a date or SIGN UP using our online booking system. Our team will reach out to confirm your date & provide detailed instructions.

To learn more about hosting a family dinner, please contact Kristin Arabian.

*At this time, we invite up to four (4) volunteers aged 16 and 17 to serve dinner and ask that each be accompanied by a parent/guardian.