2021 Annual Report 2021 Annual Report


In 2018, The Children’s Inn at NIH launched our #INN2025 strategic plan. To date, we have made considerable progress in accelerating our impact on medical discovery and care through our three strategic goals. Here is a look at our progress this year:

Goal One

Evolve to a State-of-the-Art Living Environment

In March, The Children’s Inn board of directors approved its Facility Master Plan. The plan innovatively reimagines common areas used by families to create a more open, inclusive environment that promotes interaction and recreation while incorporating smart, assistive technology.

During this fiscal year, The Inn completed some much-needed renovations in the E-Wing of the building, including:

  • Furnished all guest rooms with ensuite bathrooms, bright and cheerful color palettes and updated artwork and furniture.
  • Renovated E-Wing kitchen, which now features an open design with separate refrigerators and pantries for each family. The dining room also has new and unique aesthetic components, including seating alcoves, beverage stations and a lounge area.

An additional project is The Inn’s “Concept Room of the Future,” which features smart technology that allows residents to control lights, ceiling fans, digital frames, the television, and more at the touch of a button.

Feedback from our families will guide decisions on future technologies for the remaining guest rooms.

Goal Two

Strengthen the Integration of Discovery and Care

We have been diligently working with the NIH to ensure that the needs of our children, young adults and their families align with patient recruitment needs and evolving patterns of care to better support families.

To reduce the challenges families face while participating in studies at the Clinical Center, we are performing the following:

  • Develop programs and services that foster a nurturing environment and facilitate connections at home and in the broader community.
  • Identify current challenges and a gap analysis is in progress to ensure alignment of goals and measure progress through family and researcher surveys.

Goal Three

Maximize Community Support and Promote Financial Viability

Financial Sustainability

  • Reviewed the scale, cost, and financial model to support strategic goals and meet target. Great strides have been made in budget management, cost containment and forecasting.

Diversity and Inclusion

  • Continued to diversify stakeholders through engagement and outreach, including creating volunteer service opportunities for youth 17 years and younger and adults with disabilities.
  • Focused on a diverse and inclusive board of directors that fully represents the families we serve.


  • Carefully considered funding options to construct the Inn of the future
  • Recruited consultant who determined overall campaign structure, timeline, and a viable fundraising goal.

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