Northern Stars

The Children’s Inn at NIH honors these individuals who have donated to The Inn consecutively for 20 years or more.

H. Jere and Jeanne Armstrong
Margaret Ashley
Barbara Barban
Edward and Janice Barnett
Ira Berkower and Jackie Levinson
Stanford Z. Berman
Mike Berman
Peter and Shelly Berman
Philip Berman, M.D., and Toby Berman
Cathy Bernard
Vance and Linda Bettis
Bryna Blaine
David and Jane Blessley
Gary and Susan Bonnett
Marcia Boogaard
Martin Book, D.O., and Elaine Book
Pat Boschetto
Joseph and Patricia Brennan
Norma W. Brodsky
Kingman and Ann Brown
Travis and Kathleen Brown
Nancy Camacho
Elizabeth Canter
Charles and Rosemary Carpenter
Diane Carvey
Andrew Chiarodo, Ph.D., and Marie Chiarodo
David Chicchirichi
Tony and Sharon Clifford
Mary Clute
R. E. and Elizabeth Cobb
Louis Crouch
John and Ann Curley
Michael and Elaine Daou
Carl and Anita Deanell
Carol Ann Denison
Vincent DeVita, M.D., and Mary Kay DeVita
Frederick and Catherine Dietz
Carol DiPace, Ph.D.
Marita Doerning
LeRoy Dokken
Linda J. Dybiec
Patricia Eanet and Mikel Frazee
Mimi Eisenstadt*
Alan Fagles and Pat Gradwell
Elaine Feidelman and Irwin Shuman, M.D.
Jeffrey and Joanne Fisher
John and Margaret Ford
Sandy Friedman
Charles and Marilyn Froom
Michael and Anita Gallen
John and Kathryn Glassic
Alan Gober, M.D.
Bob Goldberg and Jackie Schloss
Harriet Granger Gordon, M.D.
Robert and Kathryn Graziano
Lynn and Judith Greenwalt
Theodore Haapala
Carole Habash
Charles and Claire Hallahan
Walter and Evelyn Harrison
Pat Hilmoe
Ed and Sarah Himmelfarb
Horwitz Family Fund
Helaine Hurwitz
Les and Beverly Johnson
Irving Kabik*
Claudia Kaczur
Helen and Frank Kalis
Donald Kaplan, D.D.S.
James Kelley
George and Elizabeth King
Wilma Kline*
Al and Tanya Lampert
Ruthjoy Leventhal and Scott Livingston
David Levin, M.D., and Fran Levin
Rod Levine
Thomas and Janet Ligis
Lt. Col. James* and Patricia Maheras
Lori Mann
Marilynn Mansfield
Mary Massey and Jack Meiners
Jim and Bonnie May
Nancy McGinness
Charles and Gail McGuire
Katharine McLellan
Elinor W. Meyers*
Wendell and Jo Ann Mohr
Rick Mowery, Ph.D., and Joe Conn
Roberta Moyer
Adele Naugle
Lavon and Delores Neal
Barry Nishikawa
Margaret O’Brien
John and Mary O’Dea
Joost and Elizabeth Oppenheim
The Owen Family Foundation Inc
Holly and Dave Parker
Gail Pasternack
Robert and Betty Perkins
Rolf Piekarz
Philip A. Pizzo, M.D., and Peggy Pizzo
Joe and Mary Jane Porter
Beverly Potter
Mark J. Raabe
Patricia Raber and Kenneth Max
Richard Ralston
Jeffrey and Marianne Ray
Timothy Redington
Cokie* and Steve Roberts
Betty Rosenthal, M.D.
Irene Routhenstein*
Barry and Bonnie Rubinstein
Michael and Beverly Rush
Warren and Kay Russ
Kathy and Jon Russell
Laura Ryan
Maxine R. & Jack S. Schiffman Family Foundation
Steven and Gloria Seelig
David and Amy Seward
Eva and Ray Shapiro
Lewis and Barbara Shrensky
Irwin Shuman, M.D., and Elaine Feidelman
Debra Silverman
Robert Silverman, M.D., and Randi Leavitt, M.D.
Robert J. Slevin
Michael Southcomb*
Marvin and Jeanne Spivak
Laurence and Sharon Spiwak
Theodore Splaver, D.M.D., D.D.S., and Deborah Splaver
Rosalie Sporn
Roberta Steiner
Robert and Jody Stevens
Lawrence and Mary Stubbs
Jean Thomas
Mark and Millie Thomas
Edward and Mary Vaarwerk
Frank and Cheryl Valdivia
Joan van der Slice
Robert van Hoek, M.D.
Dan and Emily Wallace
Eric Wassermann and Janell Schweickert
Dennis and Kathie Webster
George Webster
Marvin and Cyla Weiner
Constance Weinstein, Ph.D.*
Lori Wiener, Ph.D. and Sylvan Caplan
Clyde and Zulienne Wolfrey
Jay and Meredith Wright
Philip Yaffee
John Yellen and Alison Brooks
Byron and Sharon Zeigler