Background Check FAQ

A: The Inn’s highest priority is to maintain the safest home environment that is possible. Requiring criminal background checks is the standard today in most children’s organizations (schools, clubs, hospitals and PTAs) for the safety and protection of all those involved. This has been a requirement for all employees, staff, volunteers and families of The Inn.

A: Each criminal background check will be updated every three years from the date of the month it was last submitted.

A: The Inn will only be requesting background information that pertains to crimes of violence or crimes involving minors.

A: If your background check reveals a history of crimes of violence or crimes involving a minor, The Inn may decide that you need to seek accommodation elsewhere. The Inn may contact your social worker to assist in making alternate accommodations.

The information found during the background check will not affect or disqualify the patient or family member from treatment at the NIH.

A: The company TriCor produces your background check results. The Children’s Inn Resident Services team views completed background checks through TriCor but does not store any completed checks.

A: Any patient or person accompanying the patient who is over the age of 18 making a reservation at The Inn will need to complete a background check.

A: If your background check is not received by the date of your reservation, you may be required to find other accommodations. This is to ensure the safety or all families staying at The Inn.

A: There is no cost to our families for the background check.

A: A copy will be made available to you at your request.

For more information please contact [email protected]