Women for The Inn (WINN) Community

FY21 WINN Members

Women for The Inn is a community of women who support the mission of The Children’s Inn at NIH. Joining this group provides members with the opportunity to connect with healthcare luminaries, volunteer their time, donate (and direct) funds towards Inn projects, and network with like-hearted women.

Lois Alperstein, WINN Co-chair

Julie McPherson, WINN Co-chair

Tammy Black, Communications Committee

Sandra Davis, Membership Committee Chair

Nancy L. Dianis, Programming Committee Co-chair

Pamela Kanstoroom, Programming Committee Co-chair

Robyn Richardson, Communications Committee Chair

Christina Williamson, Communications Committee

Linda Abravanel
Jennifer R. Azar
Ann Birns
Valerie Bonham
Debra Cohen
Myra H. Cohen
Dominique Duong
Shari Goodman
Shari Hall
Lisa Iannarino
Erika Killian
Carol B. Klein
Laura Lawal
Anne Lindblad, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Maloney
Tammy McChain
Nancy J. McGinness
Stephanie Moumen
Joy S. Paul
Shimul Ray
Kristine Ribas
Ruthie Robinson
Dale D. Schuble
Michelle Taylor
Elizabeth Thompson
Sheila Wagner
Deborah Yamamoto

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