From Platinum Sponsorship to Crisis Support – NETE: An NTT DATA Company Embraces The Children’s Inn’s Mission During Time of Need

NETE: An NTT DATA Company, has been the top sponsor of The Children’s Inn’s annual An Evening for Hope gala for several years. When the gala had to be canceled this spring due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company donated its sponsorship to The Inn to help ensure the organization’s sustainability throughout the current crisis and beyond.

“Every nonprofit dreams of having supporters they can count on no matter the situation, and a true partner is exactly what we have in NETE: an NTT DATA Company,” says Jennie Lucca, CEO of The Children’s Inn. “We are so grateful to NETE founders Jolly and Sandeep Somaiya and their wonderful team for embracing The Children’s Inn’s mission. It is truly gratifying to know that NTT DATA Services will continue this truly generous support. It is especially needed during this difficult time when The Inn had to cancel our annual gala, which represents our single largest source of income. Thank you, NETE: an NTT DATA Company, for your commitment to children and young people participating in NIH clinical trials!”

NETE, a provider of digital design and transformation services for public health, began supporting The Children’s Inn in 2010. Continually increasing its support, the company’s relationship with The Inn quickly began to extend beyond financial donations and focus on building personal bonds with Inn children and staff.

“There is nothing more precious in this world than our children,” says Tim Conway, president, public sector, NTT DATA Services. “The commitment to The Inn goes well beyond NETE. It becomes a part of NTT DATA. We’re excited for the partnership; we’re excited to be a part of this wonderful organization. We look forward to supporting The Inn and to make a difference in the lives of children and their families.

Before the holidays, the company traditionally invited children and families staying at The Inn to decorate its office windows with finger-painted winter scenes. But for the past two holiday seasons, the company instead sent its innovative team to paint colorful, winter-inspired art on The Inn’s windows, bringing in The Inn’s children and young adults as supporting artists.

“The Inn brings people together to make it possible to have a childhood today, but more importantly, to find a cure for disease for the future,” says Somaiya, senior vice president, NETE, an NTT DATA Company. “It means a lot to see what The Inn does for the children and families, and over the years, we’ve also gotten to know a lot of the families The Inn cares for personally.”