Jennie Lucca Named Incoming CEO of The Children’s Inn at NIH

Jennie  Lucca,  MSW,  has  been  named  the  new  incoming  CEO  of  The  Children’s  Inn  at  NIH Jennie  has  served  in  a  leadership  capacity  at  The  Inn  for  more  than  11  years, overseeing the  daily  management  of  resident  services,  family  programs,  and  facility  operations.  The  Children’s  Inn  at  NIH  is  “A  Place  Like  Home” for children participating  in  cutting edge  research  studies  at  the  National  Institutes  of Health (NIH).
Lucca  is  a  seasoned  human  service  professional  with  more  than  20  years  of  experience  working  in  the  nonprofit  sector.  Her  career  began  in  Anchorage,  Alaska  working  for  The  Arc  of  Anchorage,  an organization  dedicated  to  serving  individuals  with  disabilities.  Since  that  time  her  focus  primarily  has  been  on  developing  and  managing  family  support  programs  in  community  and  health  care  settings.
“Over  the  past  11  years,  Jennie  Lucca  has demonstrated  leadership  and  creativity  in  responding  to  the  evolving  needs  in  clinical  care  and  medical  research,”  said  Kelvin  Womack,  Chair  of  The  Inn’s Board  of  Directors. “She  has  a  proven  track  record  of  managing  the  activities  that  are  integral  to  the  mission  of  The  Inn.”
Lucca was  born  in  Anchorage,  Alaska  and  completed  her  undergraduate  work  in  Child  Psychology  at  the  University  of  Minnesota,  followed  by  a  Masters  in  Social  Work  with  a  focus  on  Policy,  Planning  and  Administration  from  The  Catholic  University  of  America  in  Washington,  DC.  She  and  her husband,  Rob have  two  children and  live  in  Oak  Hill,  Virginia.
The  Children’s  Inn  at  NIH is  a  residential  “place  like  home”  for  up  to  59  seriously  ill  children  and  their  families  who  stay  together  while  participating  in  groundbreaking  medical  treatments  at  the  NIH,  the  world’s  leading  biomedical  research  center.  While  the  NIH  takes  care  of  the  child’s  medical  needs,  The  Inn  tends  to  the  child’s  heart,  soul  and  spirit.  Families  stay  at  The  Inn  free  of  charge,  no  matter how long.