2023 Annual Donors

Individuals & Estates

The Children’s Inn at NIH salutes these individual donors whose generous contributions of $1,000 or more between July 1, 2022 and June 30, 2023, help to sustain the mission of The Inn.

Champions ($500,000+)

Prachee Devadas

Stars ($100,000+)

Susan and Brian Penfield
Scott Vogel

Sustainers ($25,000+)

Estate of Jean Bell
Cathy S. Bernard
Estate of Stanley Blados
Debra and Anton Cohen
Leslie Cronin
William Dahut, M.D. and Karen Dahut
Kenneth Frazier
Harvey and Donna Geller
Joseph and Lynne Goodman
Robert and Jeanne Marani
Annette Moshman
Mark J. Raabe
Daniel Ryan
Anonymous (3)

Benefactors ($10,000+)

Masood Ahmed
Lois and Les* Alperstein
AK and ChyeLan Arcomona
Conrad and Lois Aschenbach
Davien and Edouard Benjamin
Linda Berdine
Raji Bezwada
Jane Cohen*
Erin Darling, J.D. and Nathan Darling
Scott Decelle
Linda J. Dybiec
Ken and Pam Farrington
John and Stella Graves
Barry and Sandy Harris
Lawrence Impett
Sukumar and Jyoti Iyer
Claudia Kaczur
Kavita Kalatur and Ravi Kolli
Pamela and David Kanstoroom
Marjorie Kenemuth
Joey Lewis
Kate Manko
Lt. Vicki Marani
Eleanor S. Metcalf
Julia Metcalf
Rick Mowery, Ph.D. and Joe Conn
Jill and Jon Olmstead
Michele Peloquin
Naomi Raber
Kevin and Kate Robbins
Ruth Rosin
Cinthia and Horacio Rozanski
William and Pamela Sawyer
Usman Sheikh
Donna Siegle
Reet Singh
Jason Van Pelt
Ken and Aggie Wojdon

Patrons ($5,000+)

Nancy Anthony
Timothy Atkin and Steven Powell
Arden Baker
Michael S. Berman
Gary and Carol Berman
Sonny and Anita Bloom
The Honorable Ann W. Brown
Travis and Kathleen Brown
Chris Caraviello
Richard and Angie Clark
Lisa Cohen
Sandra Davis
Tim Demmie
Carol Ann Denison
Patricia Eanet and Mikel Frazee
Anna Farquhar
Ashden Fein and Priscilla Walton-Fein
Nina Gonzalez
Lee Goodman
Juergen Klenk and Kelly Hedges-Klenk
Lucy Holmes, M.D. and David Holmes
Cynthia S. and William L. Horr, Jr.
Daniel Kaczur, USCGR (Ret)
Andrew and Paula Kales
Brian and Patrice Kelly
Beth Anne Killoran
Jake Kirsch
Robert and Elaine Kogan
James LaTorre and Nancy Frohman
Erica Lodish
John Mandracchia
Tammy McChain
Doug and Beth McDaniel
Julie and Scott McPherson
Todd and Sarah Merchak
Laura Mullen
Rick and Mata Murphy
Kimberly Myers, Ph.D.
Barry W. Nishikawa
Alex Ouellette
Anthony and Melissa Pacilio
John Palmborg
Mandy Peckham
Linda Pickle, Ph.D., and James Pearson
Bronson Pilgrim
Jay C. Planalp
Glen Porter
Ronald and Sharon* Quinn
Michael Ramsey
Ryan and Elizabeth Riel
Steven V. Roberts
William and Amy Scherer
Eric Schmitz
Fern J. Stone
Ashraf Sufi, M.D.
Wendy Tapley
Michelle Taylor
Elizabeth and Tim Thompson
Christy Thomsen
Rayneisha Watson
Stephen Wolfe
Anonymous (2)

Supporters ($2,500+)

Jim Azzano
Milad and Jennifer Bahrami
Dave Barber
Matthew Bell, Ph.D., and Bhaval Shah
Lew and Sharon Berman
Diana Bianchi, M.D.
Damian Bilbao
David and Jane Blessley
The Honorable Roy Blunt and Abigail P. Blunt
Teddra Burgess
Susan Castillo
Roland and Dana Chan
Luke and Emily Chappelle
Marguerite Clarkson
Norman Clough
Robert Colbert
Judith and Peter Conroy
Gayle and James Cramer
Jamee Culver
Roger Cyr
Nancy L. Dianis and Marcus Ide
Peter Dominski
Bruce and Lori Dubinsky
Paul Duchesne
Anne Esposito
Jeff Evans
Alan Fagles and Patricia Gradwell
Thomas and Kathleen Fingleton
Michele Friedler
Doug and Carole Gelfeld
Mike and Lisa Giguere
Christine Grady, RN, Ph.D., and Anthony Fauci, M.D.
Jade and Joni Greene
Alyson Greene
Steve and Louisa Hollman
Kelly Hughes
Henry Kahn and Laura Primakoff
Erika and Andrew Killian
Barry and Bambi Landew
Jane Larson
Claire and Michael Loftus
Beth and Brian Maloney
Nancy J. McGinness
Madonna McGwin and Hamlet Bent
Peter and Kimberly Miller
Jim Moses
Corey Muldowney
Armaghan Naik, Ph.D.
Kamal and Priya Narang
Thomas* and Miriam Nordlinger
Frank and Lisa Odeh
Todd Pantezzi and Tracy Talbot
Michelle and Matthew Perry
William Perry
Elizabeth Porter
Ray and Dorothy Rapp
Shimul Ray
Carl and Carrene Ressa
Steve Reynolds
Charles and Susan Riel
Phyllis Rienzo and Scott Parr
Martha Riva
Donald and Sindy Rogers Household
Benjamin and Trillium Rose
Kathy and Jon Russell
Jean Schultz and Shana Helton
Neil and Fran Simons
Mary Ann Sternberg
James and Janice Stevens
Klaus Strebel and Kathleen Clouse-Strebel
Susan Taylor
Bradley J. Thobe, M.D.
Debara Tucci, M.D.
Steven R. Turner
Paul VanVeldhuisen, Ph.D. and Tami VanVeldhuisen
Robert and Grace Vogel
Peggy A. Whittington
Lauren V. Wood, M.D. and Tommy Wood
Jeff Yost
Peter Zichelle

Partners ($1,000+)

Ogan Abaan, Ph.D.
Linda and Neal Abravanel
Michael and Judy Ackerman
Alexander Alperstein
Lauren Alperstein
Kirthi Anantharam
Joan Anderson
Diana Araoz-Fraser and Camilo Garcia Pineros
Jose Arrieta
Gina Astrada
Jennifer Azar
Diane Baker and Francis Collins, M.D., Ph.D.
Roger Baker
Desma Balachandran
Karen and Ty Bateman
Joseph and Judith Becelia
Donald Berlin, M.D. and Dorothy Berlin
John Bertschy, Ph.D., and Ursula Richter, Ph.D.
Stanley Besen
Aparupa Bhattacharya
Alden Bianchi, Esq.
Virginia Biedron
Ann and Mark Birns
Aileen Bloom
Marcia Bonacci
Valerie Bonham
Phillip Boone
William Boyle
Judith Brennan
Lanny and Nancy Breuer
John and Elizabeth Breyer
Brianna Broadus
Scott and Barbara Brody
Thomas and Diane Bronzert
Annie and Gary Brown
Robert Lindblad and Donna Brown
Elisabeth Brownstein
Annabel Burch-Murton
The Honorable Ruth Burg
Tracy Byrd
Stephanie Byrne
Phil and Marion Cantor
Salvatore and Marie Capitano
Theresa Carnegie
Diana Ceban
Anthony Celentano
Henry and Paula Chambers
Nancy Chasen
Fan-Li Chou
Margaret Cikanek
Mary Clute
Holly and Dave Parker
Steven and Linda Cohen
Stefanie Cohen
Myra Cohen
Walter Coker
Rod and Jen Coleman
Giovanna Coluccio Wilk
Elaine Currie
Pandelica Dacu
Anita and Carl Deanell
Jerry Dehart
Lesley DeRenzo
Kim Diercksen
Eric Dishman and Ashley Armstrong
Joseph and Kathleen Dreyfuss
Richard Dsouza
Christine Dub
Matt Dubinsky
Matt Dunie
Dominique Duong and Peter Wong
Melissa Eckert
Tyler Elliott
Steven Escobar
Elgin M. Etchison
Christopher and Kathryn Fain
Anna Fernandez
Brian Flanigan
John and Margaret Ford
Janet and Andy Freimuth
Matthew French
Carl and Susan* Fretts
John Gallin, M.D. and Elaine Gallin
Sarah Ganio
Amy Gao
Anothony Geisler
Valena Gendleman
Jamie Gentille
James Gilman, M.D. and Jeffri Gilman
Jacquelyn Giordano
Bill and Cissy Glading
Paul Goldsmith, Ph.D.
Miriam Gonzales and Michael Fitzpatrick
Monica Granovsky, M.D., and Michael Granovsky, M.D.
Anne Gravely
Timothy and Fannie Gray
Debra Greenblatt
Hunter and Emily Greene
Leslie and Roslyn Grinspoon
Marie Gurka, M.D.
Jenny Hahn
Michael Hardy
Tom Harrell
Deepak Hathiramani
Charles and Dorothy Heise
Connie Heller
Philipia Hillman, Ph.D.
Stephanie Hixson
Allison Holland
Ryan and Jamie Hotchkiss
Katherine Hsiao
Deh-I Hsiung and George Guttman
William Huck
Karen and Richard Huff
Lisa and Michael Iannarino
Asma Idriss
Douglas Ireland
Regina Izzo
Alice Jacobs
Matt and Holli Jaffe
Lisa Jager, M.D. and Zachary Jager
Lese L. Joslyn
Lucy Coble
Alisa and Jamie Jusino
Linda Kalet
Michael Kaliner, M.D. and Jean Kaliner
Helen Kalis
Harini Kankanahalli
Bernard Kanstoroom
Edward Kaplan
Stephanie Kavadoy
Baird Kellogg
Douglas Kelly Jr.
Anu Kilaru
George and Elizabeth King
Elise Kohn, M.D. and Gary Kohn
Sheldon and Loretta Kotzin
Sabina Koyani
Stuart and Marcie Kramer
Mead Krim
Jean Lachowicz, Ph.D.
Ramsey Lafayette
Lori Lambert
Ralph Lane
David Lang, M.D.
Elaine Lee
Adam Lee
Nora Lee
Kenneth Leitner
Michael and Amy Lenkin
Thelma Lenkin
Petra Lenz, Ph.D.
Rodrigo Letonja
Jennifer Lewer
Erica Lewis
Anne Lindblad, Ph.D.
Julie Lizanecz
Whitney Long
Jennie and Rob Lucca
Anita Lynn
Adam and Kristen Magruder
Lisa Mahoney
John Mahoney
Padmini and Monish Mahurkar
Vaibhav Mangrulkar, M.D.
Joanna Manikas
Philip Margolius
Ellen Martin
Molly Matthews and Lewis Ferguson
Gregory Mazure
Melissa and Vincent McCullough
Nancy McFadden
Lauren McLaughlin
Robert and Andrea McMahon
Ted and Emma McNamara
Mary Elizabeth Meagher and Jamie Evans
Henry Merchant
Vince Mezzera
David Mihalchik
Renuka Misra, Ph.D.
Thomas and Nicole Molnar
Shane Montminy
Nancy and Rick Morris
Rebecca Mulvaney
Greg and Carol Myers
George Neall
Carol and Howard Nelson
Suzanne New
Eric O’Brien
William and Connie O’Dowd
Michael O’Mara and Peggy McCardle. Ph.D.
Wayne Ogata
Edward Orton, Ph.D. and Meredith Morgan, Ph.D.
Russell Osgood
Heath Ouellette
Joseph Pahira
Marsha Paller
Sophia Parker
Elise Pas
Thomas and Maureen Patton
Joy and Ron Paul
Jay Pelletier
Judith A. Picarelli
Philip Pizzo, M.D. and Margaret Pizzo
Naomi and Michael Pollard
Stephanie Polyzois
Kathleen Pomerenk
Irma Poretsky
Andrew Poulos
Andrew and Linda Prandoni
Jessica Price
Patricia Raber and Kenneth Max
Firoz Rahemtulla, Ph.D.
Richard M. Ralston
Allison Ramsey
John Regenhardt
Yogesh and Neerja Rehani
Kristine and Anthony Ribas
Robyn Richardson
Frances Riley
John and Judith Ritz
Megan Robbins
Caitlin Robinson
Steven Robinson
Stanton and Betsy Robison
Eric R. Rosenbaum
Laurence Rosenfeld and Jennifer Weiss
James and Marcia Rosenheim
Mark Rotariu
Scott Royal, Ph.D.
Joni Rutter, Ph.D.
Jeanne Ryan
Susan Ryan
Amy Sabrin
Lauren and Gene Sachs
Donna Sagona
John Salvino
Rhonda Sarks-Manno
William Saxon
Mark Schaub
Howard Schlossberg
Nina Schor, M.D., Ph.D.
Dale D. Schuble
Steven Schuster, M.D.
Andrew Schwartz and Lisa Krim
David and Martha Schwartz
Jamie Seaver
Edom Seifu
Alfred Selgas
David and Amy Seward
Hanif Sherali, Ph.D. and Semeen Sherali
Gary and Laura Siegel
James Simpson
Sharon Slotkin
Christine Smith
Andrea Snader
Almon Sorrell and Marie Newman
Cindy Souza
Howard Streicher, M.D. and Veneeta Acson
Michael Strongin and Barbara Granoff
Ann Sullivan
Ellen D. Swyler
Indigo Tabor
Anna Tate and Joseph Shaffner
John and Lisa Taylor
Jill and Robert Thomas
Susan and John Thomas
Katy Thomes
Sophia Tong
Michele Tourangeau
Cynthia Travis
Horace Tsu, M.D.
Stef and Marilyn Tucker
Edward* and Mary Vaarwerk
Kathy and Edward Vieira
Meg Vootukuru
Sheila Wagner
Nathaniel Waisbrot
Ishan and Kanisha Weerakoon
Angela Caveness Weisskopf
Helene Weisz and Richard Lieberman
Eiko Whitelaw
Joanne Wills
Kevin Wilson
Rosemary Wong, Ph.D.
Minta and Lewis Wood
Elizabeth and Steve Wurster
Hang Xie, Ph.D. and Qibing Zhou, Ph.D.
Emily Yee and Catherine Samsel
Meredith and Jeffrey Yentis
Stuart Yuspa, M.D. and Eleanor Yuspa
Victoria Zagaria
Shirli Zelcer
Abbie Zerbinopoulos
Anthony Zerega
Leo and Judith Zickler


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our records. Please contact Peter Spring at [email protected] if you have any questions.