Come See Us With a Virtual Visit to The Children’s Inn

Join us for a brief virtual tour of The Children’s Inn – no mask or hand sanitizer needed:

In the video, you’ll get a close-up view of how we’re taking care of children and families with your help during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here’s a recap of the safety measures we’re taking with the help of our colleagues in epidemiology at the NIH and your support:

  • Anyone entering The Children’s Inn must undergo a health check, wear a mask and use hand sanitizer.
  • All visits and volunteer activities have been suspended.
  • Families practice physical distancing inside The Inn and wear masks.
  • Families schedule times to use the community kitchens to maintain safe physical distancing.
  • Family meals are individually packaged, and families eat in their rooms.
  • All activities take place via Zoom.
  • Grocery store trips remain suspended, and The Children’s Inn places grocery orders weekly for delivery.
  • Staff sanitize families’ mail, deliveries and groceries.
  • Most Children’s Inn staff are working from home while a skeleton crew takes care of children, young adults and their families.
  • Our fundraising events have been canceled or postponed.

Thank you for helping keep our children and young adults safe during these challenging times!
Do you have questions about how to best help right now? Visit for weekly updates and to see how you can best help now.