Special Deliveries for Families and Volunteers

Stacy, Inn resident, with her “Thoughtful Treasure”

MedImmune, a long time Inn corporate partner, recognized the importance of thoughtful treasures–the daily presents that are a highlight of each resident’s stay at The Inn. Upon check-in, each child along with his/her siblings is assigned their very own mailbox where they can find a special treasure awaiting them every day. Each treasure brings many moments of happiness during their stay. It is often the anticipation of checking the mailbox and finding out what the day’s treasure will be that motivates children to get up and head downstairs for their daily medical appointments. MedImmune recently funded bright new mailboxes for our lobby, which were designed by Poltronieri Tang & Associates, and they have been a real hit with residents. Next time you are at The Inn, be sure to check them out!

Thanks to our good friends at CSRA, families staying at The Inn–and groups volunteering to prepare dinner–are enjoying cooking meals in a brand-new double oven that is especially well suited to preparing meals for large groups. CSRA employees visit The Inn monthly to cook and serve family dinners and wanted to make the cooking process even more enjoyable for families and volunteers. They held an internal fundraising drive to raise funds for a new oven, which was installed at The Inn in December. Based on the delicious smells and beautiful meals seen by Inn staff, we know our resident chefs and volunteers are already enjoying the oven. We hope you will join us to prepare a family dinner soon!

Our friends from CSRA coming to serve dinner to our families, using the new oven they donated!