Background Check FAQ

Q: Why did The Children’s Inn at NIH implement criminal background checks for all residents and family members over the age of 18?

A: The Inn’s highest priority is to maintain the safest home environment that is possible. Requiring criminal background checks is the standard today in most children’s organizations (schools, clubs, hospitals, and PTAs) for the safety and protection of all those involved. This has been a requirement for all employees, staff, and volunteers of The Inn and we have now joined the recent trend to include all residents and guests.

Q: How frequently will the background checks be done?

A: Each criminal background check will be updated every three years from the date of the month it was last submitted.

Q: What will you do with the information in my background check that does not pertain to crimes of violence or crimes involving minors?

A: The Inn will only be requesting background information that pertains to crimes of violence or crime involving minors.

Q: Can information found in my background check disqualify me or my family member from treatment at the NIH?

A: The information found during the background check will not affect or disqualify the patient or family member from treatment at the NIH. Information found would only be used to determine a person’s eligibility to stay at The Inn.

Q: Who will have access to my background check and where will it be stored after it is requested?

A: The only people that will have access to your background check will be The Inn’s CEO, the Chief Program & Services Officer and her assistant and the Managers On Duty. Your background check will be labeled “confidential” and kept in the patient’s file at The Inn in a locked file cabinet with restricted access.

Q: Who needs to complete the background check authorization forms?

A: Any patient or person accompanying the patient who is over the age of 18 seeking accommodations at The Inn will need to complete the background authorization form. This includes all family members and friends who intend to stay overnight at The Inn with patients during their treatment at the NIH.

Q: What will happen if my background check comes back with crimes of violence or crimes involving a minor?

A: If your background check reveals a history of crimes of violence or crimes involving a minor, The Inn may decide that you need to seek accommodation elsewhere. The Inn may contact your social worker to assist in making alternate accommodations.

Q: What will happen if my background check is not received by the date of my reservation?

A: Like all potential residents at The Inn, you will still be asked to complete the certification form regarding criminal history upon arrival. If contrary information appears in your background check after you have begun your stay at The Inn, you may be required to find other accommodations.

Q: Will I have to pay for this background check?

A: There is no cost to you, our residents, or families for the background check.

Q: Will I receive a copy of the background check results?

A: A copy will be made available to you at your request.

Q: Will other families be made aware of my status or results of my background check?

A: Absolutely not. Protection of all our residents is our primary concern and your background check will remain strictly confidential among the necessary staff at The Inn.

Q: What happens if I refuse my background check?

A: If you refuse to complete the background authorization forms, The Inn will be unable to provide accommodations for you. Your medical team will arrange alternative accommodations.

For more information please contact [email protected].