Sarah Cuneo

SarahInitially hired as a Children’s Inn welcome desk volunteer for a once a week shift, Sarah Cuneo eagerly increased her hours to three days a week after discovering the need for help in The Inn’s three kitchens and food storage area.

It was apparent that our food donation process needed to be re-organized and it was an extremely time-consuming process. Sarah, determined to improve and streamline the process, took charge of the project, coming in for several weeks, sometimes staying for eight hours at a time. “She sees a need and gets things done. She is well loved by her co-volunteers and the staff,” says Laura King, Senior Director of Volunteers and Community Outreach.

In 2011, Sarah resigned from her position as a healthcare administrator at a same day surgery center to be a stay-at-home-mom. “That was the year The Children’s Inn became a part of my life and more importantly, my family’s life,” she says.

Sarah and her husband Brian instill the importance of giving to others in their children. For their sixth birthday, they had a party but decided to donate their presents to a charity of their choice.

Sarah was the youngest of nine children. Her father was a cardiovascular surgeon involved with various NIH protocols and her mother was a lifetime volunteer at the hospital where her father worked and was honored for her years of service and dedication. It’s no surprise that Sarah followed in her mother’s footsteps, motivated to give back to the community.
“I am amazed that the families have so much strength and wonder if I could ever be as strong as they are. They ask for so little and are grateful for so much. I enjoy being able to answer their questions, provide them with their favorite snack or just listen to their stories,” she says.