Family Dinner Program

The Children’s Inn at NIH is a caring place to be – a place to relax with other families that are undergoing serious medical treatment.  After long travels, families are often tired and ready for a home-cooked meal. The Inn invites different groups and organizations to provide a large meal for all of the families. These “family dinners” allow the families to relax, while alleviating the worries of transportation, grocery shopping and the hassle of preparing a meal after a long day of traveling. This is also an opportunity for them to meet, mingle and interact with other families, creating an environment of mutual support and caring.

The group or organization that provides a Family Dinner may either drop off the meal or stay to serve the families. While we are at our busiest on Sundays, providing a Family Dinner on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday is also an option. See available dates on our Family Dinner Calendar.

If you would like to provide a Family Dinner for The Children’s Inn, please contact Kelleh Jian at [email protected] or 301-451-3717.