Educational Services

The goal of our education program is to provide a caring, welcoming and supportive environment in which the entire family can learn. The Inn’s education program offers support for children to keep up with their studies, complements the educational services offered by the NIH School, and not only provides the opportunity to learn a new language or skill but also for families to participate in interesting and engaging activities together.

The Learning Center is where it all happens!

Tutoring Services

The Inn offers one-on-one tutoring sessions which can be scheduled prior to your visit or upon arrival by completing a Tutoring Request Form.

Tutoring services include, but are not limited to: homework support, reading instruction, English instruction, Spanish instruction, SAT preparation, assistance with the college application process, and much more.

Education Programs

Each week, our residents have the opportunity to participate in various educational activities at The Inn. These programs provide residents great opportunities to meet new friends while motivating them to learn in engaging and diverse ways. A schedule of our education programs can be found by viewing our Activities Calendar.

Success Squad

Sets the path for residents to practice, improve and achieve in their studies through one-on-one and or group instruction from a certified educator. No homework? No problem, attend anyways to explore enriching educational topics to keep you on track to success!

Future INNgnieers Club

Technology continues to evolve around us, attend our club to learn how to navigate and innovate the next skyscraper, social media app, genetic engineering a hybrid species, iPhone50x, etc. Each week we will explore skills, create models, and or meet guest speakers surrounding technological inventions.


Do ever wonder why the leaves change colors, or why plants can make food from the sun but we cant? ExperimentINN is a program that allows us to explore chemical reactions, biogeochemical cycles (ex. Water cycle), study acidity changes in bodies of water within our environments, etc. So if you are curious and like to test for answers come check out ExperimentINN.


AdventureINN provides the opportunity for the whole family to take field trips to DC or other fun places in Maryland and Northern Virginia. Come with us as we experience and explore museums, impressive monuments and other historical landmarks.

INNvironmental Avengers

We all have at least one thing in common, and that is Planet Earth! So, come explore with us what ecosystems, organisms, symbiotic relationships, chemical elements and so much more that make up our globe. Investigate ways to sustain Earth’s natural resources (minerals, water, forests, fossil fuels, etc.), ways to recycle, reduce air and water pollution, prevention of animal extinction and many more lessons.

Wise Wednesdays (for teens and young adults)

What do you want to be when you grow up? The million dollar question, it can be overwhelming trying to delineate college versus career pathway. Participate in The Inn’s Wise Wednesday program which offers an array of workshops as well as guest speakers who aide in exploring necessary life skills to be financial responsible, academically and occupationally successful, adaptable to the ever evolving technological world we live in, and so many more. Focus on you today, to help pave the way for tomorrow.

The INNrichment Fund

The INNrichment Fund enables residents of The Children’s Inn with life-disrupting illnesses to participate in an experience or activity of their choosing, by providing financial assistance for tuition and/or material costs.

Other Educational Resources

In addition to providing educational services and programs, residents also have access to additional educational resources in the Learning Center. The Inn has: computers, educational games, Rosetta Stone in English, books, backpacks filled with school supplies, assistance with the school re-entry process, special education support, and special education resources.

To learn more about our education programs and services or to schedule a tutoring session, contact our Education Program Coordinator Tori Shriver at [email protected] or 301-402-6737.